Q: Do you offer move insurance?

You will be offered a move transit insurance program which is underwritten by Willis Relocation Risk Group. This is an ‘All Risk’ policy on a door-to-door basis. The rate for this insurance policy is provided in the quotation.

Q: Does transit insurance cover storage?

For local move, no, it does not. We offer separate storage insurance so that your goods will be covered while they are stored for a prolonged period of time. In an international move, storage may be required while documents are being processed or when waiting for the handover of your new home. We provide 60 days free storage insurance at both origin and destination. If you require more than 60 days of storage in either origin or destination, you can request for insurance storage extension. The coverage can be extended with payment of additional premium.

Q: Do I require insurance and is it mandatory?

Insurance is not mandatory but we strongly recommend it. As professional movers, we will try our best to minimize and mitigate the risk of loss and damage. However, protecting your personal belongings against the possibility of inherent loss or damage through a transit insurance program is also a crucial decision. You may also wish to check with your owner insurer or home insurance for an adequate insurance plan.

Q: Is insurance included in the quoted rates?

Insurance is normally a separate cost to the move. The cost of insurance will vary depending on the value of the goods to be insured. Our rate for insurance is provided in the quotation but the cost of insurance is usually not included in the quoted rates.

Q: What is replacement value?

This should be the cost of replacing your item (if lost or damaged) with a same or similar item at your current location . If the item can only be replaced in another country then do also consider the cost of shipping the item to the new location to establish a fair replacement value.

Q: Do I need to list all items?

There are two options to the insurance coverage. Provide a full inventory of all the items that needs to be relocated. Each item in the inventory will need to include both its estimated replacement cost and the quantity of the item being moved. An alternative method of attaining the sum insured is to base this on the volume of move through the option of lump sum insurance. The insurer will take into account that 1 cubic meter will be equivalent to USD3.000.00. In this option, all items under USD1,800.00 will be covered. Any items over USD1,800.00 will need to be separately declared for additional coverage’s. (disregards the figures)

Q: How is insurance arranged?

You can apply for the aforementioned insurance policy by completing the application form and returning that to us. You can complete the application form in this app, download the form from this app, or request our customer service representative to email the form to you. The insurance application form needs to be completed, signed and returned to us, before the departure of the shipment.

Q: Can I selectively insure a few of items?

The insurer will require you to declare all of the items that will be moved. You may be denied of the right to file claims or may be penalized if the shipment was knowingly underinsured. Try your best to complete the insurance with a realistic value. Anything that is not declared will not be insured.

Q: How do I file a claim?

When you become aware of loss or damage and have applied for a transit policy for the move, please kindly contact us and we will forward you the claims instruction. You are generally given a 30-day window to file a claim, so please contact us as soon as you note any loss or damage.

Q: How much does insurance cost?

It varies depending on the value of your goods. The premium rate for local transit and storage insurance is provided in the quotation.

Q: What are the common exclusions?

Some common exclusions include: loss or damage cause by gradual deterioration, wear and tear, atmospheric or climatic conditions, perishables, moth and vermin damage, loss of data, consequence loss etc. Molds and mildews, electronic and mechanical derangement, and pairs and sets are also common exclusions to transit policies but optional coverage for these have been included in our international relocation insurance program. More information can be found in the insurance application form.

Q: What else will I need to know?

The transit policy requires the insurer (Asian Tigers) to know the current condition of the goods. This means that our packers have to inspect and pack the goods covered in the insurance policy. Items that are packed by owners (you) are normally not fully covered by the insurer. Our crew has years of international packing experience so you can rely on them to professionally pack and move your belongings.

Q: Can I insure the entire move for an arbitrary amount?

You will be required to provide a full inventory. The insurer will not be able to provide coverage based on an arbitrary sum without a list of goods. If you are not able to provide an inventory then you can consider the lump sum option.

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