Q: I have a bed room apartment, please give me a quote?

It is difficult to provide a quote without knowing the volume of move and services required. Therefore, an onsite survey is normally required before we can provide a quote.

Q: When do i need to pay?

The full payment is required prior to the moving.

Q: Am I expected to tip?

Tipping is not mandatory but tipping for good service is always appreciated.

Q: Are there services that would involve additional costs?

Other than the cost of move, additional cost may incur from mainly 3 categories for local moves. 1.Cost relating to third party services: e.g. handyman services, disposal services, piano handling services, safe handling services, insurance etc. 2.Cost relating to access: stairs and long carry services, shuttling services, hoisting services, split pick up or delivery services, public holiday or Sunday surcharges etc. 3.Cost relating to storage: e.g. warehouse handling, storage services, sorting services etc.

Q: Will my shipment be subjected to taxes and duties?

Most countries allow duty-free entry of used household goods if you meet the required residential statues and have the required documents. However, as different countries have different requirements, it is best to check with our move consultant for more details on your destination.

Q: Is there any surcharge for changing dates?

If the packing dates or delivery dates need to be changed, please notify our customer service representative as soon as possible. Please allow them enough time to make the changes; otherwise, you may be subjected to a cancellation fee.

Q: Is insurance included in the quoted rates?

Insurance is normally a separate cost to the move. The cost of insurance will vary depending on the value of the goods to be insured. Our rate for insurance is provided in the quotation but the cost of insurance is usually not included in the quoted rates.

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