3 Aug 2023

Asian Tigers China achieved FAIMPLUS re-certification!

Asian Tigers China is honored to confirm that we have successfully achieved FAIMPLUS re-certification.

The FAIM Standard is the only quality standard for the international moving and relocation industry, recognized worldwide.

Developed by FIDI Global Alliance over 20 years ago, it sets the bar for high-level quality services for the international moving and relocation industry.

As such, the FAIM Quality Certification Programme, ensures that all FIDI affiliated companies comply with the same stringent requirements, all the time. The FAIM Standard covers every aspect of the international move and is regularly updated to reflect changes in the industry and in international regulations.

Suggest you only trust FIDI certified members for your moving requirements.

Lear more about FIDI- https://www.fidi.org/

Learn more about Asian Tigers China- https://www.asiantigers-china.com/

Asian Tigers Canada Day

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Asian Tigers Canada Day

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